Best of 2015, Photoshop and Illustrator text effect tutorials are for those who really love to make outstanding typography, calligraphy type artwork. These tutorials are very useful to learn the most-exciting and remarkable typography, 3D effects & glass effect designs, here are some of the hand picks Photoshop CC tutorials.  Big list of text effect tutorials which can really helpful to improve your typography skills.

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Amazing Hand Lettering Text Effect Guideline Project
In this tutorial, you will utilize everything you’ve learned across the previous tutorials and apply that to a finished piece. This means we will take our lettering from an idea to a sketch, to vector, detailing, and beyond.

Create a glossy candy text effect in Photoshop
This tutorial by TexTuts will show you a super easy way to create a glossy candy cane inspired text effect using a bunch of Layer Styles.

Create a Simple, Elegant Textured Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop
This tutorial will show you how to create a simple metal text effect using layer styles. Then, it will show you how to make that text look more interesting by adding a simple texture overlay to it.

Create a Wood Planks Typo with a Custom Pattern in Illustrator
In this Illustrator Tutorial, learn how to create a Wood Pattern Text Effect with wood planks and a custom pattern, using the Pen Tool and a few effects.

Create Delicious Donut Text That Will Make You Hungry
In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of making a yummy sweet text in Photoshop. We will use the basic tools and effects along to achieve the final outcome in short time.

Create Luminous Text Using Photoshop 3D Layers
Learn how to create a super cool illuminated text effect using Photoshop’s 3D Layers. We’ll make your text really stand out by making it glow. Read on to find out how.

Creating a Glowing Neon Effect in Illustrator
This tutorial is designed to help you create cool neon text in Illustrator. Here you will learn some clever techniques to enhance your skills.

How to Create a Colorful Text Effect in Photoshop
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a bright, colorful text effect in Photoshop. Creating this effect is very easy and even beginners can do it.

How to Create a Smoke Text Effect in Photoshop
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a smoke text effect in Photoshop in just a few easy steps. We will be using the Smudge Tool to make the text look like smoke.

Realistic 3D Casino Style Bulb Sign Photoshop Tutorial
The sign will be created as a standalone piece of text, using Photoshop’s powerful 3D tools to simulate a hyper realistic setting within a warehouse. We’ll then add lots of subtle lighting effects to add a series of bright bulbs.