Photoshop text effect tutorials, Learn to create 2D, 3D, Retro & Vintage text effects in Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials are very useful to learn the most-exciting and remarkable typography, 3D effects & glass effect designs, here are some of the hand picks Photoshop CC tutorials.

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3D Letters on a Shelf Text Effect in Photoshop CC
This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop CC’s Shape Attributes and 3D capabilities to create a simple, yet sophisticated 3D letters on a shelf text effect. The focus is on creating the shapes, working with the materials, and modifying the lighting in order to get the soft, kind of vintage looking final result.

Create 3D Octopus Text Effect in Photoshop Tutorial
Learn how to create 3d octopus text effect. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial teaches how to apply octopus skin texture and light reflections to the 3d letters.

Create 3D Snow Text Effect Using Cinema4D and Photoshop
In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps to create this 3D Snowy Text Effect Using Cinema4D and Photoshop. We will render the 3D text in Cinema4D, then apply the snow effect in Photoshop.

Create Dark Text Effect Inspired by Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game in Photoshop
In this tutorial, I will show you the process of creating this dark text effect inspired by the action game “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” in Photoshop.

Create Delicious Donut Text That Will Make You Hungry
In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of making a yummy sweet text in Photoshop. We will use the basic tools and effects along to achieve the final outcome in short time.

How to Create a Brushed Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop
This tutorial will guide you through creating a brushed metal text effect, using multiple layer styles and some textures. You’ll get to work a bit with the text itself, and also use a smart object to warp the styled text but keep it editable, so it can be modified pretty quickly without the need to go over the steps again.

How to Create a Smoke Text Effect in Photoshop
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a smoke text effect in Photoshop in just a few easy steps. We will be using the Smudge Tool to make the text look like smoke.

How to Easily Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch
You will learn, how to make beautiful background to your typography by brushes and stock images. This tutorial will teach you, how to play with layer styles in awesome way.

Snow Covered Candy Cane Text Effect
We’ll be using a few different techniques including Photoshop layer styles, image overlays, and vector masks. Put on your Santa cap and let’s get to it!

Speedy 1980s Text Effects Photoshop Tutorial
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create flashy type-based art quickly by making cunning use of Photoshop’s layer styles. You’ll be using the same image on multiple layers, modifying each version with its own layer style – this can help you achieve dramatic effects that seem far more complicated to create than this.