Learn the creative designing, manipulating and retouching photos tips and tricks with amazing Photoshop tutorials, each Photoshop tutorial is helpful for beginner and advanced users. All tutorials are created by talented graphic designers around the world. 

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Advanced compositing techniques

This photomontage was created by Serbian illustrator Becha for an haute-couture fashion editorial called Silent Spring that appeared in her home country’s Faar magazine.

Balance lighting perfectly when compositing elements

Here Erik Herrström shows you how to add different lighting effects in Photoshop using brushes, the Lasso tool and adjustment layers. The goal is to create an image with a deep blue/magenta cast, in keeping with the cold outer-space backdrop.

Create a deep-sea feel using blending mode

The use of Photoshop’s blending modes is not technically difficult. Where the magic lies is in the conceptual ideas you bring to their use. Jono Hislop wants you to have room to breathe your own inspiration into blending modes, so his tutorial makes repeated use of them.

Create a stunning photo montage

Get sophisticated results from simple techniques in Photoshop CS5 or later. Markie Darkie shows you how to create a stunning photomontage. You’ll master repetition and layering of shapes, efficient use of simple colour palettes with the aid of Layer Style effects, or a file of vector elements.

Create an underwater artwork

The Number 1 album Immersion by drum n’ rockers Pendulum features a photo-illustrative cover by Polish artist Maciej Hajnrich (aka Valp), which was also used across the Collector’s Box Set, including double vinyl, postcards and a bunch of merchandise.

Create dynamic art using glows and lighting effects

New York-based illustrator Kervin Brisseaux shares his techniques to create a super-powered athlete within an atmosphere that draws on the traditions of sci-fi art, as well as religious iconography such as stained glass windows. 

Fantasy light effects in Photoshop

Fantasy art scenes are usually handled with a liberal sprinkling of Photoshop plug-in fairy dust – but you don’t have to slavishly follow that route. By creating your own brushes in Adobe Illustrator, and using scanned elements with Photoshop, it’s a simple process to create otherworldly scenes that are alive with glow effects and shafts of virtual light.

Fuse photography and geometry

This tutorial will show you how to create and control interesting compositions inspired by creatures of the night, decadence and magic. It will also give hints on ways to add depth to your artwork and how to use photographic elements to bring images to life.

How to create a Photoshop brush

If you're not using custom Photoshop brushes already, then you're missing out on one of Photoshop's most useful features: used well, they will bring flair and individuality to your designs – as well as saving you a lot of time.

Texture effects for beautiful compositions

In this tutorial by Max Spencer, we take a look at masking and how you can give your work a sense of depth using this technique, as well as layering textures and elements to help lift your piece – in this case using paper to create rock and mountain-like elements.

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